Springboro Oktoberfest


  • Promote your business in front of thousands in attendance
  • Support the community by helping local charities
  • Become a beloved priority for those looking at your products/services
Oktoberfest sponsors

As one of the most highly attended festivals in the Dayton area, Oktoberfest is the perfect place for your company to be viewed by thousands of attendees.

Make no mistake, Oktoberfest Sponsors are what help make this festival a success, and we couldn’t continue without the wonderful support from these local businesses.

Their donations in time, money and service are on display for all to see — sponsors take center stage when it comes to supporting those in need, as well as our community.

We encourage you all to become a sponsor at a level you are comfortable with. The various tiers are listed at the bottom of the page. BECOME A SPONSOR TODAY…

For attendees, please recognize the commitment and care each sponsor has provided our event. Be sure to place these companies at the TOP of the list when it comes to purchasing goods or services they provide.


platinum sponsor

Midwestern Wealth Management

germanium sponsor

Berkshire-Hathaway Realty

Ohio Sports Academy

Reign Realty

Parts Express

Point Broadband

Wurth Elektroniks

USA Benefits Group

gold sponsor

Acclimate Technologies

The Barrel

Rembrandt Roofing & Restoration

The Edwards Family

Environmental Doctor

Springboro Automotive

silver sponsor

Springboro Chamber of Commerce

State Senator Steve Wilson

State Rep Scott Lipps

Schmidt Auto Care


bronze sponsor

Ruscellos Salon

Anderson Funeral Homes


In-kind sponsors

Minuteman Press

Prime Time Part Rental

Ferguson Design Group

RSpringboro McDonald’s

Dominos Pizza

The Donut Haus